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Farewell Tater

Irene Schilling told me one day she was going to foster a dog for BAM, so on September 15, 2014 she and I went to the St. George Shelter. We picked out Tater Tot who was believed to be about 8 years old and whose owner had died. As you can see he seemed like a happy, healthy little guy.

As it turns out, Tater was about 12-14 years old and wasn't in good health at all. Irene only had him a week or two when she wrote to say she thought there was something seriously wrong with him. A vet check revealed he had untreated Diabetes which started him on a long road of treatment to try and get it under control. At the end he was getting insulin twice daily.

Further tests were done on Tater and it was also discovered he had Cushing's Disease. Irene went on an internet search and found holistic ways of treating his Cushing's. Casey Wittwer, DVM and other staff members at Zion Veterinary Clinic often remarked on how much his health had improved over the years under Irene's care and how wonderful a care giver she was.

Tater wasn't always easy. In fact, quite often he wasn't. He had to be carried in and out (although eventually he got the getting back in the house down so only had to be carried out), was underfoot often but didn't take kindly to being crated, and in the beginning he fought a lot with Irene's dog Morkie who was adopted from BAM years before.

But Tater continued to thrive and Irene continued to provide for him. Age takes its toll however and no matter how good our care is, age catches up with us.

Today, Irene said good bye to Tater and wrote: "I took Tater in this afternoon and let him pass on. He has obviously not been feeling real well and leaving poop and pee all over the place even after he has been packed outside. He didn't eat this morning, and it seemed like it was time to let him go. It was much harder than I expected. At the same time, I am thankful we don't have to let them go to the bitter end the way humans are forced to do. He wasn't the most agreeable little guy, but at the same time all he wanted was to be loved."

Words cannot thank you, Irene, for all you did for Tater and we know how much Tater appreciated everything you did for him. Although he was never adopted, he had the best of care until the end and we know he will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you.

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