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supporting shelters and low-income pet owners needing finacial aid for veterinary services
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What is Meika's Fund?

BAM has created a Meika's Fund account with Wells Fargo Bank to hold funds donated or earned at BAM events specficially for the Fund. These monies and all future donations made to the Fund will be available to shelter pets in need of emergency medical services, and to low-income pet owners whose pets need financial aid for veterinary care.

Visit your local Wells Fargo Bank to process your own direct donation, or simply make a donation to BAM via PayPal through our Donate page and label your donation to be applied to Meika's Fund.

Why was Meika's Fund created?

In 2013 it became more apparent to BAM than ever before how important and sometimes difficult it can be to get veterinary care to shelter pets. It seemed at every board meeting, BAM's Directors found themselves discussion what the organization could do to offer support to these pets in need, whether they had suddenly fallen ill, or were picked up as a stray after having been hit by a car, and more. These dogs and cats should have the opportunity to see a doctor, yet many times the only way for them to receive veterinary care or go to the emergency vet clinic is for shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals to make a frantic plea for public donations by phone and social media. If pledges or money can be wrangled, or a rescue group can step up on behalf of a stray animal, only then will most of these pets get the medical attention they require.

Cat at vet

This continuous need was the impetus for BAM's desire to build a fund reserved solely for these shelter pets who may not find support in other ways. With a generous start-up donation and the support of other local businesses at a founding fundraiser event, Meika's Memorial Fund was created!

Dog at vet clinic
The Meika's Fund expansion:

We are happy to report that fewer shelter requests for support have filtered in over the last couple years. With the Fund still available yet the need lessening, it only made sense to expand how Meika's Fund could continue supporting sick and injured pets. BAM already helps many low-income pet owners with low- or no-cost spays and neuters each year, but Meika's Memorial Medical Fund goes further still with its broader range of veterinary care support. Recipients of financial aid from Meika's Fund are asked to donate their time in some form of volunteerism back to BAM as possible. This system of reciprocity creates a really remarkable cycle of giving that can benefit more and more pets and people in need.

How does Meika's Fund work?

As a rescue organization, we are often linked to or in communication with shelters and rescues around the state of Utah and beyond. When a shelter representative or volunteer publishes a plea for assistance BAM now has the opportunity to offer small set amounts to support the shelter's need for medical funding support. Should a very high dollar estimate for anticipated vet care be expressed BAM representatives may make a request to the Board of Directors to approve a donation greater than the set standard.


Any low-income pet owner whose dog or cat requires veterinary care that they simply cannot afford should CONTACT US  with information about the pet's needs as soon as possible. A BAM representative will be in contact to ask a few questions in order to verify if BAM can help, and at what level.

Special THANKS go out to these early contributors:

J. Schilling and beloved companion Meika
In Honor of Meika
26 March 1995 to 18 Feb 2011
Zion Harley-Davidson
Texas Roadhouse
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