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Annual Animal Statistics

As part of BAM's Homeless Animal Rescue Team (BAM's HART), these numbers reflect all species entering BAM's foster homes or facility care, including personal pet relinquishments and shelter pet intakes.

Number of animals rescued:

2017 — 97

2016 — 92

2015 — 71

2014 — 105

Number of animals adopted:

2017 — 79

2016 — 59

2015 — 60

2014 — 80

Many of the pets our Adoptable Pet Program (BAM's HART) intakes are already altered. These numbers reflect the pets who entered our program requiring that we facilitate their spaying/neutering:

2017 — 49

2016 — 37

2015 — 29

2014 — 48

BAM's lifesaving rate was 81-97% for 2017. A few of our pets each year do leave us through humane euthanasia or natural death. Our live release rate (all our adoption numbers divided by our live intake numbers) is the lower percentage, whereas our save rate (a calculation of our intake number, minus euthanasia or natural death, divided by intake) reflects a higher number as some pets remain in our care. These pets versus adopted pets are therefore not reflected as part of the latter equation.

BAM and the organization's Board of Directors are proud of our commitment to transparency. While we update the organization's financials portion of our new site please feel free to visit or complete listing on GuideStar by clicking on our Platinum Seal of Transparency.

If you would like to request any other statistics or financial documents not found elsewhere on the website, or within our GuideStar profile, please make your request via email at and one of our representatives will be in contact as soon as possible.

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