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Enjoy these infographics on a variety of topics from pet safety to fun facts about pet ownership, all sourced from other pet-centric websites.

As long as you keep any copyright information and/or design references intact, feel free to share any of the infographics included! The more people with the tips found here, the better pet owners we can all be.

Expert tips from Dr. Ian Dunbar:

Just click on the title to open the corresponding PDF file. Feel free to save, print, and share these!

It is SO important to take precautions against pets and children overheating in parked vehicles. Please feel free to click on the infographic below to open a .pdf version of the flier. You are welcome to print and share, or share the e-version online as you see fit. If one of these can change just one person's habit and keep a dog home safe we will have made a difference.

Too Hot for Dogs

And when it's too hot for a dog to be in a vehicle, it's usually too hot for them to walk midday.

Doggone, it's summer!
Socializing Your Dog
Teaching your dog to walk politely on leash
how NOT to greet a dog
Space etiquette for dogs
Your choice affects your dog's choice
A rescue dog's true cost!
pet fire safety
The expense of a pet
dog training statistics
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