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There are ever-expanding ways to support Because Animals Matter through your everyday activities. Below are those companies who work hard to support many charities and we are lucky to be on the receiving end of their generosity.
BAM also partners with local businesses, particularly restaurants for profit sharing events.
Go to Mission Partners to learn more about those events, or sign up for your own.


Goodshop and Goodsearch offer at no cost to you a way to give to BAM with every web search, and through many online stores. They are also offering a new add-on for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox called Gumdrop. It makes the shop and give process even easier, saving you money while helping BAM. Get it here.

Once you add it, every time you shop online:

1. Goodshop Gumdrop will search through more than 500,000 coupons/deals to automatically bring you the best discounts wherever you shop online.

2. A portion of each participating sale will be automatically donated to Because Animals Matter for FREE!

To date, Goodshop has saved shoppers more than $100 million and raised more than $12 million for causes like ours. More importantly, however, Goodshop and Goodsearch have raised us over $400.

Hale Pet Door has been a longtime supporter of BAM, giving back a portion of their sales. If you are interested in installing a pet door in your home, check out Hale's offerings and be sure to let them know you support BAM!

Wanna lend a paw while getting something fun or tasty for your own dog (or yourself)? You can give back through Bark & Co's rescue and shelter support program. BarkBox is donating $25 to BAM for every new 6- or 12-month subscription when you use our code.

And Bark & Co will donate 10% of your purchase on when you use our code at checkout.



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