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BAM's H.A.R.T.

The BAM's Homeless Animal Rescue team evolved from our Foster Care Program in late 2016 when BAM absorbed H.A.R.T. (Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Utah), another regional rescue organization we have worked with and alongside since their founding in 2009. Their organization's leaders chose BAM to take over all responsibilities and assets, and to dissolve H.A.R.T.

The BAM Board of Directors recognized how very difficult this decision was to Cathy and the entire H.A.R.T. Board, but continue to be honored to support those who are and/or were H.A.R.T. volunteers, fosters, and donors now and into the future.

With this merger of sorts, BAM agreed to stand behind H.A.R.T.’s adoption contracts to support any of their adopted pets who need to be returned to the adoption program (who meet the normal H.A.R.T. and BAM intake/return criteria), as well as supporting any current H.A.R.T. adoptables’ needs, as if they have always been BAM pets.

BAM's H.A.R.T. logo

Our mission has always been to “reduce animal abuse and neglect through education”, making BAM primarily a pet welfare organization. While this varies from the primarily rescue-oriented organizations in the region, BAM’s foster program has always shared the goal of HART’s mission to reduce the number of unwanted animals killed in shelters. This mutual principle leads us to officially re-brand BAM’s Foster Care Program to “BAM’s H.A.R.T”; we want to honor the tremendous work H.A.R.T. has accomplished in our region helping pets in need, and ensure that the community realizes that H.A.R.T. isn’t really gone.


With this absorption of H.A.R.T. came an office/warehouse space lease, thus opening up more space for adoptable dogs who need time, quarantine, or assessment before entering their foster homes. Since taking over that space in St. George we have moved into That BAM Place on State St (SR-9) in Hurricane and shifted our thrift store operations to a stand-alone building on Main St. that is now known as BAM's Orphaned Objects.

Interested in volunteering for BAM's H.A.R.T.? Find out more about becoming a foster parent or a Center volunteer.

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