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Bella Barks for BAM

Bella closeup

Bella, an adoptable spayed female Keeshond/Border Collie blend, is being recognized as Because Animals Matter’s first “Spokesdog”. Everyone who meets Bella, but especially the BAM volunteers, comments on her gentle friendliness and her ability to express love with her eyes. This quality is surprising because Bella spent the first six years of her life on a chain, neglected, troubled by insects and injury. Her loving nature has made her a star, and she will begin her duties as Spokesdog by presiding over Because Animals Matter’s upcoming Pet Food Drive & Adoption Event outside Lin’s market in Hurricane on Saturday, October 27th. Proceeds benefit BAM’s "Kibbles on Wheels" program, providing pet food to seniors and homebound individuals who receive Meals on Wheels.

September Smith, President of BAM says, “Bella came to Because Animals Matter by way of a rescue organization in New Mexico. She had been relinquished to a kill-shelter and was just one day away from being euthanized when a call for rescue reached Utah and a BAM foster home was offered as her sanctuary.”

Bella closeup

When she was brought here with 16 other dogs, Bella's condition was much worse than anyone expected. In addition to the known problem of a weak and crooked back leg, Bella had two broken and abscessed teeth and was covered in hundreds of ticks and thousands of fleas. Professional help from Dog Works Mobile Pet Grooming was the answer. After the initial treatment, Bella underwent four more treatments under foster care and had constant attention over three days to fully remove the ticks. A final problem, anemia, resulted from the infestation.

Bella side-view

Far more than the normal effort was expended in saving Bella's life, but no one who meets her questions whether it was worth it. Many hands came together from multiple groups in order to save this wonderful dog. This is only one recent example of animal welfare organizations working together for the benefit of pets in need. Please look through the website to learn more about how you can help dogs (and cats and other pets) like Bella.

At this time, Bella is fully recovered from her anemia and her problem teeth have been pulled. She simply awaits her forever home. “All the volunteers from BAM agree that Bella has the sweetest nature of any animal we’ve had in care,” says September Smith. The most obvious sign of Bella's history was and remains her crooked back leg. At some point in her life Bella suffered a significant leg fracture that went untreated. The crooked leg, however, does not slow her down or bother her in any facet of her life and it would cause unnecessary pain if treated at this time. Bella likes all dogs, but loves people and would most enjoy becoming someone’s “shadow”. She is such an extraordinary pet she deserves an extraordinary home. To reflect how highly Because Animals Matter thinks of her, Bella’s adoption fee has been raised to $500.

This story has been updated to reflect that Bella has since been adopted and is no longer listed on Thank you for your interest.

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