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in partnership with the Washington County Council on Aging

Homebound pet owners in the Hurricane Valley who receive Meals-on-Wheels services no longer need to share their food with their cats and dogs due to lack of money or transportation. The Kibbles on Wheels program ensures that clients will always be able to provide nutritious meals for their beloved pets.

For many homebound individuals, a dog or cat is more than a pet; it can provide friendship, joy, and a reason for living. Studies show that animal ownership also lowers illness levels and mortality rates. BAM is coordinating with Five Counties service in the hopes to expand this program throughout Washington County, but we need your help!

Are you homebound or a senior who receives Meals on Wheels?
Do you know someone who could benefit from receiving Kibbles on Wheels deliveries? Do you own or manage a store that would like to host a KOW food donation bin or food drive?
Open the Kibbles on Wheels Questionnaire to submit by mail or email.
Contact Wendy at 435-773-5209.
Kibbles on Wheels counts on dedicated volunteers to pick up, package, and deliver donated pet food. Contact J above if you are interested in providing monetary or food donations, or volunteering your time.
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