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BAM is now offering a variety of education programs in an effort to improve the lives of pets and people.

Humane Education


The objective of our Humane Education programs is to promote the principles of goodwill, kindness, justice and compassion towards all living things—and to nurture the bond between people and their pets.


To help carry out this objective we can provide the community with school/classroom/church/Scouting presentations and hope to someday host a kids' summer daycamp.


Our curriculum is typically based on age and grade, and can be tailored to fit your educational needs. BAM representatives are available to offer programs and lectures that range from animal safety, to cruelty and neglect awareness, to Q and A sessions geared toward younger grade levels. We recommend that any program have pet guests that may include a cat or dog, but also a parrot, pocket pet like a rat or hamster, or reptile. Including one or two pets in a program setting offers a more tactile learning experience that kids of any age can enjoy.

Suggested classroom presentations:

  • K thru 3rd grade: Students will learn about pet care and responsibility, bite prevention and precautions around unfamiliar dogs 

  • 4th grade: "Finding the perfect match" – Students will learn about abandoned pets, homeless pet prevention and the adoptions process 

  • 5th and 6th grade: "Lessons on Pet Care" – In this interactive presentation, students will learn about pets' needs and their dependence on humans

  • Older students can be offered an introduction to Because Animals Matter and what they can do to make a difference

  • if your group doesn't fall into a typical age bracket we offer a more broad presentation, touching on all of the above – great for libraries and other community settings


If you would like to request a presentation at your school or facility, or you have an idea for a program or service for which we could provide educational assistance, please contact us to let us know!


Pet Health & Wellness


BAM has offered pet owner CPR training in the past, with plans to continue seasonal offerings of this and more.

We are looking to develop the following education opportunities with the help of our trained staff and local experts in the veterinary medicine, pet nutrition and more:

  • So You're Thinking About Getting A Pet

  • Understanding Your New Rescue Pet

  • Calming Signals (for reactive dogs)

  • Pet Nutrition

  • Rattlesnake Avoidance

  • Veterinary Wellness 101

Dog Training


BAM has begun offering a single-session training class for owners/families with a new puppy under 4-months old. This is a great way to introduce a puppy to the manners and obedience they will need to make a great pet to you and as part of the community.


Help your puppy start off on the right paw with BAM's

training class.


As with our Pet Health & Wellness education opportunities we plan to partner with local trainers to offer more dog training options in the future.

Interested in participating in a future education program? 
Contact us at
or 435-773-5209.
Please feel free to share the above coloring page with the children in your life by clicking on the image and either printing or downloading for your convenience.
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