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Most of us expect to outlive our animal companions but what if, due to medical incapacity or death, we are no longer able to care for them? Our pets give us so much. Preparing for their safety and security in the event of our absence is a final and significant act of lifelong friendship. The best choice is to place your pet with a family member or friend they are already familiar with and you know you can trust with your pet. If this is not possible BAM is here to help you plan for their welfare.

We will see that your pet is placed in an approved foster home while we find the best and most appropriate new adoptive home, taking into consideration the needs of your pet and its personality. In return, we ask that you arrange for a meaningful financial gift toward BAM. Such a financial gift will first be used to care for your pet, and, either upon finding an adoptive home or the unfortunate passing of your pet, any leftover funds will then be used for other pets in need.


Our Lifetime Positive Care Program is currently available for dogs who reside in the state of Utah.

This program requires enrollment, so please contact us at your earliest convenience if you are considering this as part of your lifetime planning.

To open an electronic copy for reading, download, or printing, click the booklet image above.

For more information on our Lifetime Positive Care Program, please contact us by phone (435.773.5209) or email. All inquiries are kept in strict confidence and imply no obligation to enroll your dog(s) in the program.

Many beloved pets find themselves stuck in municipal shelters after the loss of their humans. For pets who have often never lived outside a home environment this change is extremely damaging to their mental health. Pets do grieve the loss of their owners and often shut down when suddenly “behind bars”. This can lead to increased difficulty in finding a new adoptive family, thus increasing the likelihood that they will be euthanized.

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