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Volunteer Job Opportunities

There is always an opening for volunteers within many facets of Because Animals Matter that will not be listed below. Please feel free to visit our Volunteer page to learn more or submit your application today. And if you would like to know more about our official volunteer positions looking to be filled, please read below and click on the Job Description link to read full qualifications, duties, and estimated hours.

Thrift Store Manager

This is an unpaid volunteer staff position at BAM's Orphaned Objects on Main Street in Hurricane.
Schedule: part-time (20-30 hours per week).


The Thrift Store Manager provides supervision, oversight, and management of BAM’s Orphaned Objects. The store generates revenue to support BAM’s programs and services. The Manager oversees volunteers, sales, donations of merchandise, promotion of the store in the community and internal fiscal controls.

Please text or phone to Beth Lock at 435-619-9444 or Becky Timmons at 435-272-2990.

Open or download the complete Job Description.

Pet Listing Coordinator

This volunteer position is responsible for the online posting and upkeep of all pet intakes available or soon to be available for adoption on pet listing sites including and 


This Coordinator must work closely with the BAM Adoption Center Manager and any other volunteers managing pet intakes, transfers, and adoptions to see that pet listings are kept as up to date as possible. The Coordinator is also tasked with requesting updating photos and pet details from foster parents and the Adoption Center Manager as pets become better known to those people caring for them or age (in the case of puppies).


After the trial period for this position, the Coordinator also gets to post weekly (or more often as appropriate) updates on any new intakes and adoptions or foster-to-adopt placements that have occurred the week prior. 

Please email

Open or download the complete Job Description.

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