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Introducing our ADOPTABLE pets!

Adoptions through BAM

Since our animals all live in foster care we recommend speaking to the foster parent/family of the pet you are interested in. Our foster parents' know the dog or cat best, and are always looking for each pet's best possible forever family. The phone number of a pet's foster is listed on each Petfinder profile.

How to adopt an animal:

Prepare for your visit

If you and the pet's foster parent think there is a potential match, a meeting will be scheduled at each party's convenience. It's recommended that you plan to involve the entire family (human and dog) that your new pet will come in contact with. As many potential adopters choose to try an overnight visit prior to completing the adoption process, we also suggest being prepared with a leash and collar for a dog or a cat carrier for a cat. You should also contact your landlord or homeowners association regarding any pet policy or restrictions.

Visit the pet(s)

For dogs, initial meet and greets often take place at local dog parks in order to introduce current resident dogs to the potential new pet. It's recommended that you allow at least one hour, though many people feel a connection with an animal immediately. If your visit is a positive experience and you want to proceed with the adoption, you will need to complete BAM's Adoption Application. This form is required prior to any overnight trial placements. Should you want to fill out the application prior to a pet visit, the application and contract can be downloaded to your computer. Use Adobe Acrobat or Preview for completion on your computer or print for completion by hand. Once filled in completely print the files for physical/mail delivery or scan the completed application and email it to BAM. Please mail applications to Because Animals Matter, PO Box 213, Hurricane, UT 84737, or email to j@bamutah.com unless otherwise specified by the foster parent you have communicated with.

Completing the adoption!

Your foster contact will review your application and call to check on your continued interest in the animal. A home visit may be scheduled. If your application is approved you will be asked to complete the Adoption Contract, and pay the requested fee(s) for the animal(s). You will be given the animal's medical records and some food to get you started.

Now you have a new furry family member!

What is our adoption donation fee and what does it cover?

Adoption donation fees range from $0 to $200 depending on the animal (cat or dog), its age, its size and/or breed, as well as its medical history while it has been in BAM's care.

The adoption donation fees that we collect help us provide food, shelter and important medical care for the animals. Your new pet will have been spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

Make an appointment with your Vet!

Since some of the animals we take in have unknown histories, we cannot guarantee the health of any animal adopted from BAM. Although our experienced volunteers provide the best possible care, including professional medical attention when required, each animal's stay with us is limited and there is a chance that an existing parasite or virus may not become apparent until after they are in their new home.